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*The “DANCE MASTERS” show is a CELEBRITY, ACROBATIC & EXTREME BREAK-DANCE PERFORMANCE, which is jam packed with thrilling and downright impossible demonstrations of power, performed by today’s Celebrity Break Dance and Hip Hop Dance professionals. We are dedicated to bringing Hollywood’s Hottest, most Famous Celebrity Dance Stars directly to your special event celebration. Only the “Dance Masters” gives your audience an awesome opportunity to witness and then to dance alongside our world famous performers during the volunteer segment. You and your guests will be thrilled by the action packed grand finale exhibition, performed by Hollywood’s hottest Celebrity “Dance Masters”.
Special Events/Private Parties

The “DANCE MASTERS” Celebrity Break Dance / Actrobatic performance specializes in bringing fantastic entrainment to your special event or private party! Click for details!

School Assemblies

The Dance Masters  promotes healthy lifestyle choices and good decision making by engaging and inspiring students  through extreme acrobatics and break dancing. Use the Dance Masters to inspire and reward your students!


With Nine years of experience performing school shows throughout California Arizona & Nevada, we are guaranteed to inspire and motivate your audience! Click here to see some reactions during our assemblies!

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