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Grad Nights

The “Celebrity Dance Masters” is a high energy, motivational, acrobatic, break-dance experience that uses celebrity dancers and Cirque Du Soleil Acrobats, to thrill and inspire children and adults.

At Your Grad Night We Will:

During our time at your Grad night, the Celebrity Dance Masters will be showcasing their high flying stunts and amazing feats of balance and strength for all to see.

The Celebrity Dance Masters will be dancing and interacting with your students on the dance floor. Teaching cool dance moves and showcasing their impossible stunts.

The Celebrity Dance Masters will perform their signature ``GRAND FINALE`` performance. This is an ``EXTREME ACROBATIC / BREAK-DANCE/ ROBOTIC DANCE / GYMNASTIC SHOWCASE``

We are constantly available for autographs and pictures throughout the party.

Please see our list of Television, Feature Film and Musical Superstars who we work with below

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